What We Do


When in City organizes group trips for 18 to 32 year-olds. We are a catalyst for fun, active and outdoorsy travel. Our itineraries are crafted on the premise of livin' it up, bringing to you the best of experiences.

If you are young and crave to party - you will love us!

If you are about the outdoors - you will love us!

If you wish to meet new people & make friends for a lifetime...



Our Offerings

Through our customized itineraries, we become your person in the most important journey of your life - self-discovery. We make experiences at each destination fabulous by providing you:

  • Activity Options - From skydiving to sunrises, cliff-jumping to yacht-parties, you have a new story every day

  • Your Squad - You meet as strangers, travel as friends, and part as family... only to reunite for your next trip

  • Tonnes of Encouragement - You won't back out of catching your first surf wave. Promise!

  • Local Connections - Food and people. The reason why your experience in one place is so different than another. Their stories complete your travel

  • Lots of Pictures - Some pictures of you, some of your experiences. Your memory bank can be revisited with just a glimpse