Group Trips for 18 to 32 year-olds only

What are the age restrictions?

Our group trips are limited for people between 18 to 32 years of age. Travellers need to fit our age criteria on the date of the trip departure to be eligible to join. We strictly follow this age criteria, and can not make any exceptions.

We feel that a narrow age-group leads to better experiences for our travellers when they visit a destination and the whole trip experience is more fun since people are on the same wavelength. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.

Travel Solo on Group Trips

I am planning to travel solo, will the trip be a good fit for me?

Our trips are composed of many solo travellers who join us for a great experience. While designing the trips, we keep your safety in mind along with the experiences that will make the trip memorable for you. Plus, our trip managers are with the group to ensure things are completely hassle-free for you!

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How many people are in a trip?

All our trips are strictly limited to the maximum numbers of members listed on the trip page. We suggest you to book your spot early if you are interested in a trip.

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How do I make a reservation?

Please fill the booking form on the specific trip page, or you can write to us on

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What is the payment structure?

For booking your spot on our trip, you need to pay an initial booking amount. Payment can be done via credit card, debit card, online transfer, cheque or bank deposit.

Remaining payment needs to be completed as per the dates communicated on the trip joining email.

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Are flights included in the trip price?

Flights to and from the start/end destinations are not included since travellers join us from multiple cities. However, you can contact us on with the trip you are interested in and the city of your residence. We can suggest the best flights accordingly.

Guaranteed Quality Experience in Group Trips

Are your trips guaranteed to occur?

When in City trips are always guaranteed to happen on the trip dates. We know you make other arrangements to travel with us, and we don’t do cancellations. 

We do reserve the right to cancel trips in case of unsafe conditions in any destination. In such circumstances, When in City will take you through the necessary procedures.

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What's included in the price of a trip?

Everything listed on the trip’s itinerary under 'inclusions' section. Our trips usually include accommodation throughout the trip length, local transportation as per the itinerary, meals as listed, activities as listed, sightseeing and admission fees plus much more. More so, you also get an awesome squad of other travellers and a travel buddy from our team joins to ensure the trip is a smooth experience. 

Travel Planning for Group Trips

Can you help me extend my trip?

We can help you with extending your stay and guiding you on other things you can do for a few days before or after your trip.

Eat Tasty Quality Food during Travel

Will vegetarian food options be available?

Yes, we offer vegetarian food options for all the meals which are a part of our itinerary.

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What if I need to cancel my booking?

Cancellations Fees, as detailed in our respective trip itinerary, would apply. There are no extra hidden charges or fees.

We try to do offer better than the basic cancellation terms where possible.

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What do I need to bring on the trip?

We send a comprehensive information document, which contains a list of things you should carry during a trip. The document also lists information about your accommodation, best currency exchange practices, arrival details, airport pickup, and contact details of our trip manager.

In case you have any other questions, please fill the form below or write to us on and we will get in touch with you.