5 Reasons Why When In City Should Be Your Pick

100 holiday plans made, 99 plans cancelled because of friends and time. That’s 99 chances missed at meeting new people, exploring amazing cultures and living the dream. So what do you? Just miss out on those chances? Of course not! We say, you go on a holiday with When In City! Here’s why:


Reason 1: Because solo travelling doesn't necessarily mean being alone

Yes, solo travelling is amazing but it doesn’t just mean exploring a destination all by yourself. It also means venturing out of your comfort zone and meeting like-minded strangers along the way, who travel like you, explore a place like you and think like you! And When In City aims to give you that experience, without all the safety concerns and planning that comes with a solo trip.


Reason 2: Because you don't have to listen to “Sorry man, I don’t think I’m up for the plan”

Destination picked, dates locked in but just before you can book the tickets, your phone rings and your friend informs you that he or she can’t make it. Total bummer, right? And unless you are someone who will go through with it anyway, this spells out to be just another fail holiday plan. But wait, we have a solution...group travelling! No, we don’t mean the ones where you see 2-3 monuments and get stuck between kids on sugar rush and fighting families but a curated group of like-minded travellers between the ages of 18-32. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


Reason 3: Because Two Words, Likeminded travellers

Ask any traveller and they will tell you the importance of travelling with like-minded people. Imagine reaching the place and your friends start complaining about how they miss the beach or how a hostel would have been a good idea. Don’t know about you but for us that’s a complete mood spoiler. Well how do escape this holiday blooper? You travel with us! Our trips bring together people who travel like you do. So you have zero complaints and no tantrums, just good company and fun times!


Reason 4: Because visiting a place is not just about clicking photos in front of famous monument

Our group trips are different! At When In City, we believe in introducing you to every aspect of a destination and in giving you every experience that the country boasts of! Our itineraries are designed in a way that you get into the skin of the place. From participating in the local culture to eating the local food and from clicking selfies at the popular monuments to escaping to the secret hideouts, with us you do it all!


Reason 5: Because you take home stories & pictures that make you the envy of the season!   

A good holiday is the one where your mind keeps returning to long after you’ve returned home. It’s the one where you step out of your zone, embrace your fears and learn something new. And that’s exactly what you do with us! You race against the sunrise to get the first glimpse, you jump off cliffs and you become one with nature. For us, it’s all about creating an experience that stays with you for a lifetime!