6 Great Pieces of Architecture from East to West of Spain

Planning a holiday to Spain and don’t know where to start? We got your back! With all the world-famous cathedrals, fortresses and palaces, it’s only obvious, you’d want to see it all. But which one deserves to be in your list? We’ll help you with that! Read on…

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Group Trip

Sagrada Familia

Star architect of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudí began his work on the Sagrada Familia, a now architectural marvel in the city, in 1883 and it remains unfinished to this day. You wonder what’s so wonderful about an unfinished cathedral? Exactly that! Where else will you find a construction so beautiful even after being famously incomplete? Due for completion in 2026, the centenary year of Gaudí’s death, Sagrada Familia is all about Catalan Modernism, and is heavily inspired by nature. The second-most visited spot in all of Spain, you’d better not miss this wonder on your holiday here.


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Park Güell

Ever wondered how it would be to climb up a hill and find a park that puts your mind instantly at ease? Park Güell is one such kind. One of the most popular attractions in Spain, Park Güell offers fantastic views of the city and is designed by the same architect who created Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí, who later both lived and died in this park. For those who didn’t know, this park was originally envisaged as a modern housing estate, far and beyond the chaos of the city. If you are among those who like to venture beyond the mainstream tourist attractions, walk a bit farther from the main area in the park, which extends to the back of the monumental area for even more stunning views.!


Ibiza Group Trip from India

Ibiza Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Lady of Our Snows, also known as Ibiza Cathedral is perched upon a hill in Old Town Ibiza (Dalt Vila) and offers incredible sea views. A prominent, religious structure, this cathedral exists since early 7th century. However, the work on this edifice only began in the 14th century and was completed in mid 1500s. If you like a bit of stretching and treking, and the walk up the hill is worth every view the place offers here.


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Palacio Real, Madrid

For those of you who like a bit of history, here’s a little trivia that will intrigue you about Madrid Palace or as it is called Palacio Real…

As the alcázar burned down on one Christmas of 1734, the first of the Bourbon kings, Felipe V decided to build a palace that would make every other palace in Europe seem small in front of it. Although Felipe died much before the completion of the palace, it stands true to its grandeur and charm, even though it’s only one-quarter of the original plan. You can book a self-guided tour which will lead you to 50 out of the 2800 rooms, and the stairway, which in itself makes for a grand statement of imperial power.


Toledo City, Spain. Party Trips from India

Toledo City

Spain has no dearth of magnificence and when it comes to spectacular cities like this one, there’s hardly any competition. Nestled atop a gorge overlooking the Río Tajo, Toldeo is a city that as a whole is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is also known as ‘city of three cultures’ for its many years of co-existence among Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups and is famous for its extensive history spanning over 2000 years. Spot the beautiful synagogues, mosques and churches on your next visit to Toledo, in Spain.


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The Alhambra

Last, but not the least, we couldn’t have possibly left out The Alhambra when it comes to the best sightseeing options in Spain. Granada’s moorish fortress sits royally atop a hill overlooking the magnetic backdrop of the snow-white peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Its beautiful mosaics, marble fountains and intricate detailing showcase the best of Islamic architecture in the world, thereby making it the most visited tourist spot in the whole of Spain.


Which one are you likely to visit first?

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