Discover Dubrovnik, Game Of Thrones‘ Style

Okay, so before we begin this article, let me just put it out there, that Game of Thrones is one of the best shows out there in the current time (of course, the books are way better, but the show isn’t bad at all!). The story, the characters and yes, we all agree to the fact that the location being the icing on the cake, are all so grand. Any fan of the show, would not want to miss a chance of visiting these places that the majority of prime scenes are filmed. (Count me in, too!)

What if we tell you that visiting its filming locations (yes, that is in fact real and not all a piece of computer-generated imagery or studio, duh!) is now easier and wait-for-it affordable? This castaway fantasy is not a faraway dream anymore and you can experience the joy of the first few seasons in (King’s Landing) Dubrovnik, Croatia… Here are four places you *must* totally check out!


City Walls Image of Dubrovnik during Group Trip

The Walls

A whole of 1,940m long, walking around these famed walls is quite a hike (roughly about 2 hours). They’re known to be among one of the sturdiest walls in the world, and second only to Great Wall of China. This one can really keep the white walkers at bay. Built in the 10th century, there’s a lot you can do here. Right from reaching the highest point of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, watching sailboats pass by to exploring Buza bars, you’ll have a gala time here.


Croatia; Inside Dubrovnik's Walls and Around its Alleys

The Walk Of Shame Alley

Yep, that was here and it would be literally a shame if you don’t walk down this alley, and your friends don’t chant “shame…shame…shame…” out loud. This Croatian church was initially shut down due to nudity but eventually a tourism permit was granted. One of the the most iconic scenes in the show, is shot on the Jesuit steps.


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Iron Throne

Okay, so this is not really a shoot location per se but believe us, if you may, this could easily be the highlight of your Dubrovnik tour. Now who doesn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne (even though it looks excruciatingly uncomfortable, but why not!)? The Game Of Thrones FAN Shop which is also known as Dubrovnik’s city shop to the locals, is a hidden gem to find but worth all that steps you walk around the city.

Now the task is you must buy something to have your picture taken on the throne. That doesn’t seem as bad a deal, does it?


Aerial Views of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dragon’s Eye View - a cable car ride

We all have had childhood fantasy of having the power of flight and mostly always have stuck to the idea of us being a bird. Aim a bit higher, and this time you can even imagine you’re one of Daenerys’ dragons. Opt for a cable car ride and soak in the absolutely incredible views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, the Adriatic sea, and the some nearby islands Croatia is blessed with.


Know of any more places that we’ve missed out in the list? Let us know in the comments below, and while you are at that check out our itinerary for the upcoming group trip to Croatia too. Details on