Sweet surprises of everyday life in Bali

Whether you are a tourist staying in Bali for a few days or an expat planning to live there for a few months, certain daily elements of this serene island will continue to surprise you through your time here.


1. A healthy, tasty meal needn’t be steep on the pocket

Food is one of the best things about Bali. The mineral rich volcanic soil results in great produce, which is freshly sourced on a regular basis by all restaurants/warungs. Even a simple Nasi Campur (a wholesome Balinese meal consisting rice, greens, tofu, chicken) will be plenty nutritious, economic, tasty and filling.

Alternatively, European or other Asian food isn’t too expensive as well. You can easily get a variety of options in mouth-watering Italian, Mexican, French, Indian foods across most tourist areas..

Bali Local Delicious Food. Nasi Campur

2. Two wheels can become your two wings

Irrespective of which part of Bali you may be in, if you are travelling with a group of friends, two wheelers are the best mode of transportation for short distances. While hiring the right bike is important, and a good investment, fuel prices are quite economic on the island. Two wheelers would also give you abundant liberty to beach hop, pub hop, shop hop and food hop in Bali. Just a lot of hopping ya’ll!.

Bali Ubud man driving scooter

3. Easy, soothing music

While this may be for the keen observers amongst you, if you walk through local villages in Bali you will hear soft, lilting music of wind/string instruments every evening. It is not rare to see Balinese kids going for a music class everyday and the simple instruments they use produce melodious tunes.

Be it the ‘toing’ of a Kalimba, the ‘tadang’ of a Hang, the Gamelan that is often found in temples or the famous Rindik, the musical notes n the air will surely lift your spirits.

Balinese Music Instrument, Kalimba, during group trip

4. Nature based experiences

Some of the best adventure experiences in Bali are nature based. Experiences such as diving, snorkelling, hiking an active volcano, cliff jumping, surfing, paddle-boarding should be the top of your list in Bali. These would give you the perfect adrenaline rush and bring you closer to nature at the same time.

A surfing experience will definitely increase your respect for the sea, diving would make you aware of and understand better the life under water, hiking an active volcano challenges your stamina and make you admire the might of the mountains.

Surfing during group trip in Bali

5. Praying

Bali has a majority Hindu population therefore you will see many temples here. If you come from India, you will also see the same Gods being worshipped. Idols of Lord Rama, Lord Ganesha, Hanuman can be easily spotted across different spots on the island. However, the form of worship in Bali is simple and consistent. Whether you get into a cab, go to a restaurant or a shop, you will spot a plate of holy offerings made to the gods every morning kept in the premises. Every evening, atleast one devotee would pray and keep offerings at a temple that may be situated in the middle of a busy square.

There are however no chants or loud speakers here. Just a simple plate of offerings kept in front of the God’s idol in pure devotion.

Bali prayer offerings plate

These simple surprises will forever stay with you once you visit the Island of Gods – Bali.paradise.