Young & Free: Why Is Budapest The Next Hot Spot For Travellers!

Each city has a secret to reveal and Budapest is no exception. With grandeur in every corner, watch out; you might miss a hidden gem of a spot on your exploration!

With a number of young backpackers travelling to central Europe rising every day, Budapest has made its mark on the map as one of the most youth-friendly destinations to visit. And, why shouldn’t it? With an exotic array of pubs, thermal baths and a delectable fare that that’s on offer, it’s definitely a backpacker’s dream-come-true holiday!

Read on to know about the three things in Budapest that are a big hit with young travellers!


Ruin Bars/Ruin Pubs

Budapest ruin pubs to party

The underground bar scene of Budapest (for all the right reasons), is something that hoards of travellers flock to this capital city for. While you may think you have checked out all the places that are mentioned on the Internet, no one will tell you about the ruin bars here. These bars in Budapest make for the hippy nightlife scene anyone has every experienced.

What has been there for around more than 10 years, this rage is secretive, classy and the most fun. Since the time Szimpla Kert, the original ruin bar came up; there has been no dearth of similar bars in the area. Built in the Budapest old district 7 neighbourhood, inside worn out general stores, abandoned buildings or garages, these bars make for a damn fine party-house!

You might think what’s so unique about these bars; for they look absolutely normal on the outside! Enter, and you’ll see an amazing jukebox of music playing, not too loud not-too low, a crowd so funky, you’d want to dive right inside and start grooving along, and the kind of interiors that you’ll wish you had a bar of your own with two large bouncers keeping a watch just outside the door.

Fun fact: Each of these bars has its own theme, but with the same basic principles—set inside an abandoned place, absolutely zero commotion on the outside (no long queues, no sign boards, and no loud music jarring out), beautiful and quirky furniture, odd antiques and tons of alcohol and happy faces. So, make sure to keep your phone battery all way up to full, so you can click loads of pictures amid the stunning backdrop of quirk.

A few of the best ruin bars you must visit: Szimpla Kert, Fogasház, Grandio.


Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths in Budapest are the best hangover cure

We all love hot springs, but have you experienced underwater aqua massage? Explore the labyrinth of thermal baths in Budapest as you relax, soak in and make the most of your time in this capital city.

From state-of-the-art wellness baths, classic baths for the weekend, Turkish baths with traditions that date back to a few centuries, to elegant, luxury pools, Budapest has it all.

Even though the lavish baths you find today in Budapest are known to be built by the Romans, the oldest, still existing baths are courtesy of the Turks. One of the most popular ones that you must go to when visit this city is Rudas Baths.  Fun part is, although half of the area is Turkish, the other half is completed with an absolute state-of-the-art wellness facility. The said wellness facility boasts of three thermal pools, a lavish pool on the terrace, sauna world, a salt chamber and an extravagant restaurant with Turkish-Hungarian dishes whipped day in and day out.

One of the other famous thermal baths is Szechenyi Baths, which are pictured above.


Gastronomic Delight

Hungarian food in Budapest

When it comes to food, you’d know the Hungarians take their spices damn seriously. Let’s move over the common pick goulash, and see few of the dishes you must try if you decide to pay a visit to this beautiful country!

Hungarians love adding paprika in almost all their food (did I say, they take their spices seriously?), and other than the spices, they add a lot of meat and cheese in their daily consumption. One of the best combinations of the said cheese and meat is the country’s favourite, Lángos, a deep-fried dish served with big chunks of bacon, sour cream and cheese (yum!). Let the flavours do the rest of the talking now!

We couldn’t have left the vegetarians out, could we? For people who don’t fancy meat, you don’t have to be disappointed! Try Töltött Káposzta (or stuffed cabbage) is a delight to taste. Stuff large cabbage leaves with cottage cheese or tofu, and vegetables of your choice, and smother them with sour cream. The Hungarian comfort food is ready to be devoured!

Got a sweet tooth? We couldn’t have possibly missed Somlói Galuska. With three super variants, plain, walnut and chocolate, this tiny, little dessert packs a punch with lot dried fruits like raisins, walnuts and chestnuts. Layer it up with as much chocolate sauce as you’d like, and you are good to go!

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