10 Things To Do In Gili Islands, A Place You Never Knew Existed!

Let’s say you are living a fast-paced life with no pause, whatsoever… How about going to a place you never knew existed and breaking the monotony? Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Gili Islands Group Trips Bali

Introducing Gili Islands, Lombok, of the house Indonesia, mother of all islands, the breaker of cliche, the beautiful and pristine.

If you are in Bali and have a couple of days to spare, move away from its touristy crowd, but at the same time live the beach life, head to Gili Islands, a mere two-hour boat ride away. Located just off the coast of North West Lombok, in Indonesia, Gili Islands is an archipelago of three main islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. For those hearing these alien names for the first time, here’s a quick guide of #10ThingsToDo in this remote, laid-back island if you ever plan to pay a quick visit here:


1. Escape In The Middle Of Beautiful Sunsets At Aston Beach Resort

Watch the most beautiful sunset, at the hotel’s beachfront. Click an instagram-worthy picture or two or four at one of the swings as you gaze at the ocean. Whether it’s a rustic swing or simple hammock by the sea, this place makes for the best backdrop if you can’t stop showing off about your holiday destination!

Gili islands sunset swings

2. Party Till Dawn

Looking to party like a freak in the islands? Look no further. Go to Tir na Nog, and hop to the pub named after the Irish folk band. A sports bar blessed with big screens, this bar is known to serve the best kebabs you’d have ever had. Sit in, or choose to relax by the shore-side of the open-air bar, which is the busiest meeting point for locals and tourists alike.

Gili Trawangan Party Trips

3. Fancied Nemo? It’s Time You Meet Him AND His Friends- Snorkel Off The Island!

If you are not much of a scuba-diver, give snorkelling a try. Pick any of the three islands and gear up to meet the most fascinating sea creatures as you snorkel in the clear, blue sea. Befriend tiny sea-turtles, which are in abundance here and swim with colourful fish. You never know, you might steal a glance or two at our very own Nemo, too!

Gili island sea turtle

4. Go Horse-Riding By The Sea

Bring those mermaid fantasies of your childhood back. Take part in this magical experience, as you ride horses in Gili Islands. Imagine, as you cruise along, the sea below you, the horizon ahead and the bluest of blue skies above; now that’s what you call magic. You just wouldn’t want this moment to end!

Gili Islands Horse Riding Sunset

5. Freedive

A fun, breath-hold technique, freediving in Gili Islands allows you to explore deeper depths of the ocean than snorkelling. And what’s more? You can even opt for a two-day beginner and three-day advanced course and be a certified freediver!

Freediving in Bali Group Trip

6. Dine-Out, Literally!

Picture a stylish bamboo bar, with comfortable cushions laid out messily in the soft sand, a classy jazz tune playing in the background, bringing in the night with some pleasant live music that transports you to a whole different world of good vibes; how’s that for a perfect dine-out experience?

And of course, not to forget a bottle of white wine and fresh, wood-fired, oven produced thin crust pizzas with an overload of melt-in-the-mouth cheese. Looking for permanent residence here, already? We hope so, too!

Restaurant in Gili Image during Group Trip

7. Paddle-Board, Yes, It Is actually A Thing!

Relatively a new sport, stand-up paddling (SUP) is as exciting as it sounds. Watch for the best waves and get set for the most memorable experience in the sea.

Tip: The best time to go paddle-boarding is December to June.

SUP paddle boarding in Bali

8. Seas The Sea As You UV Dive

Ever wondered how it’d be underwater, shining in deep hues of fluorescent, fish and corals glistening underwater, as you swim with them? Experience it as you opt for UV scuba dive in Gili Islands. Spot fluorescent pink scorpion fish, yellow shrimps and moray eels, orange crabs, green, pink and yellow corals and many more!

Gili UV Scuba Dive

#9. Move Around In Horse-Carts Or Bicycle 

Yep, that’s right. You won’t find any motorised vehicle here, thankfully and all you can use to move around from one place to another are the bicycle or small horse-carts, also called as Cidomo. Now, the latter part seems kinda royal, doesn’t it?

PS: There are no dogs in Gili Islands at all; Only cats with a distinguishable genetic trait you should discover on your own.

Gili Horse Carts - Cidomo

10. Go Crazy At The Night Market

If your stomach is as adventurous as you are, walk up to the night market here and try out the authentic street food from more than 50 local stalls selling sumptuous Indonesian fare. Fret not, there’s a lot of options for vegetarians too!

Gili Night Market Stall

With these fun 10 things to do around Gili Islands, you definitely need to start planning your trip here! Live the island life here, to your fullest!

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