5 Things We ‘Ate About Vietnam!

We totally hate Vietnam. It makes us fat. And yet, we can’t seem to not go gaga over this country. This might just become your fate, too. Stay warned!


Stay Away From Vietnam


You have no idea what you are asking for. You think you are going to a nice, cosy hub of rural adventures, of old town explorations, of emerald waters and islands and many more.

But, what you don’t know is that you are entering a demonic world of sinful, tempting delicacies that will only leave you wanting for more!

Vietnam is that place, where willpower goes to die, where your pants grow 2X larger than the original size, and all you wonder is, “I’ve only been here for a couple of days”.

Wait, are you deciding against what we have been warning you? Did you just book a flight to Vietnam? Fine, then read on, to know what you can gorge on, on your holiday in this sinfully wonderful destination!


1. Bánh cuốn

What’s so amazing about rice-cakes straight out of a steamer, you ask? The answer is everything! Each bite is sinfully good and topped with deep-fried shallot bits and eaten with nước chấm sauce. These are prepared fresh and will make it your hot favourite in no time!

Vietnamese Rice Rolls Food Options

2. Pho

The quintessential noodle soup in Vietnam, is a must have when in Vietnam! Served with different kinds of meat (usually beef or chicken), Pho is cheap, tasty, easily available and you’ll take a liking to it in an instant.

Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

3. Bún chả

Vietnam staple in the house! You can’t visit Hanoi and return without having Bún chả at least once. Usually served with grillled pork patties (yum!), a basket of herbs, sprouts, pickled veggies, and of course our favourite, the nước chấm sauce, Bún chả is served fresh and will leave you with your mouth full, yet wanting for more!

In fact, this was the dish that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain famously treated President Obama to in a small restaurant in Hanoi.

Bun Cha Vietnam Group Trip

4. Chè Ba Màu

Is it a drink or is a dessert? How about two-in-one? Literally translated as “three-coloured-dessert”, this popular drink is prepared with beans, jelly and sweetened coconut milk. It’s beautiful and refreshing and available almost everywhere; even your friendly neighbourhood street-side vendor serves them, in Vietnam!

Vietnam Famous Food Dishes

5. Chè Sương Sa Hạt Lựu

Made from jelly, pomegranate seeds, coconut milk and mung bean paste, this drink will not only refresh you but also energise you through the day (works definitely well if you are on a walking tour around Hanoi or any other city). And the best part? It contains no sugar, no fat, and is high on fibre. *yay*

Vietnam Street Food Tour

That’s basically the TOP 5 things to eat when in Vietnam, and if you happen to see us eating here too, then don’t judge us. We are weak, too! :D

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