7 Reasons You Must Learn To Scuba Dive!

Have you ever dreamt of being undersea, striking up a fun conversation with colourful fish; the likes of Nemo and Dory? Wondered how it would be to explore marine history and a whole new world, that which only a few have dared to check out? Then you’ve earned 10 extra cool points in our book. If you haven’t, we give you 7 reasons why you should plunge into the underwater world of goodness to learn the art of scuba diving (and maybe earn those 10 extra points!).


1. The Blue Waters Are Calling!

And you must go..

Imagine, a few hours of your life, dedicated to serenity and quietude; there’s no one to talk to you, you are on your own, owning the underwater human life like a boss.

Here’s a rumour we’ve heard and we are afraid it is true: There’s really something magical about breathing 18-30 meters underwater that soothes your soul like no amounts of back-to-back coffee can. Lesser human interaction, swimming alongside hoards of bright coloured fish and corals, the majestic manta rays and an ambience that lights up your world!

Scuba diving on group trip

2. Make Friends Without The Help Of Social Media..


Okay, so we know there are countless fun things that can be done on land and for most of them, a dive underwater can never level up to their definition of crazy. But if you are a water-baby and can make friends anywhere, why not befriend the beautiful creatures underwater? They are good listeners, they won’t interrupt your incessant rants, they won’t even break your trust. Sounds like a fun game plan, right?

There’s a universe undersea and if you ever wondered what parallel universe might look like if it ever existed, take your scuba lessons seriously and double up your friend list by adding manta rays, dolphins, whales, clownfish as your close pals. Turns out, there are 225,480 known species in the ocean, so the probability of you making friends with them is really HIGH!

Marine Life underwater during Scuba Trip

3. You Get To Learn A Whole New Language..

Which only a few can decipher!

Believe it or not, divers have got this really cool and special sign language that they use when in the sea. Since there’s absolutely zero talk involved, they use hand signals to communicate with each other. So, by the time you are a pro at diving, you can flaunt a whole new language!

Fun fact? These hand signals can double up as awesomely cool dance moves if you are terrible at dancing!

Scuba Diving OK Hand Gesture

4. Swipe Right To Attention

Underwater Pictures Make The Best Pictures!

Pictures from a hill top, or on a tree-house can be cool and all, but ever thought how amazing it would be to make your colleagues and friends super jealous with incredible captures with your new underwater friends?

C’mon! Who doesn’t like a shell-fie with an adorable turtle?

Photo with Turtle while Scuba Diving with When in City

5. Be A Rebel That You Are!

Defy Gravity..

So here’s the thing, we’ve said this before and we say it again: Scuba Diving is an art, and it IS a big deal. Can you imagine being someone who’s able to control his body movements just by breathing underwater?

Float up as you inhale and sink in deeper as you exhale, now that’s called neutral buoyancy; and when you ace at it, you, sir, can even make Isaac Newton turn in his grave! Talk about pretty cool moves, eh?

PADI certification with When in City

6. Relive History

That Which Only A Few Know Of..

OK. Don’t be surprised. Be calm and read this very carefully - Did you know there are thousands of shipwrecks underwater, waiting to be discovered, explored and researched about? Of course, you do. But wait, did you know there are lost civilisations and villages claimed by the water world? There’s something about the eerie, mysterious sunken cities that make them so captivating.

Hint: Pirates Of Caribbean?!

Shipwreck while scuba diving with When in City

7. Get Yourself A Brand New Hobby

People often get asked if they are a beach person or a mountain person, and if they are a beach person, the questions don’t ever end there. Water-based holidays give your planning a completely different purpose. You can laze around the beach, dive, snorkel, explore undersea goodness and so much more. But if you love diving in particular, it’s a whole different task in hand to choose where to go next.

Want to do a shipwreck dive? You have options like Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Scotland and Fiji, if not The Caribbeans. Planning to swim between two continents? Zoom off to Iceland instead of Europe!

Receive Scuba Diving Certification for Beginners


With hundreds and thousands of dive sites around the world, you will never get bored or even finish exploring all of them in one lifetime. It’s crazy, magical and maybe even supernatural. And guess what? Every single dive you ever do for the rest of your life, will show you a new side of the Big Blue. So, get going!

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