The Easiest Ways To Get Great Pictures When Traveling Solo

There are always those 1 or 2 friends in your group who have the most picturesque photographs of themselves exploring some unknown part of a remote country, despite travelling solo. These are the pictures that make you want to go on a holiday as well. But when you finally do go to these places, you are stuck in a very sticky spot. There’s no one to document it for you, and you forgot to ask your friend how he/she got all those amazing pictures clicked.

Worry not. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet to get great pictures even if you are a solo-traveller.


1. ALWAYS carry a mini-tripod stand/selfie stick/three-way stick

While this may sound very basic, a tripod stand (and timer on the camera are a solo traveller’s best friends (second only to beer and Google Maps). While it would take you some practice shots to get it right, after day 2 or 3, you will get much better at clicking some amazing shots of yourself with a breath-taking backdrop.

In case of a selfie stick, always gauge if the occasion is right for a selfie and only then click. Often, the stick can also be used as a monopod if you see natural support in your surroundings.

Take great images when traveling with a selfie stick

2. Strangers CAN click your photo ONLY if you don't confuse them

Handing your phone to fellow passersby for a quick click is an age old habit of all tourists. However, it is important to remember that most tourists are not professional photographers. Give them the phone/camera in the angle that you want your picture taken, with the focus, zoom and ISO adjusted. In simple words, use them as a click machine rather than a photographer. This way, you will get photos that you want, rather than the ones they think you want.

Solo travel great images

3. Action shots and cool angles

Selfies can work really well especially when it comes to action shots. Whether you are using a GoPro hooked on to your helmet or a small camera strapped to your forearm – these are great methods to catch candid action shots of yourself. These can also be short videos. You can also take a screenshot from a great video capturing the right candid expression of yours.

Surfing image during travel

4. Context that you can fit in. Quirk it up!

While nature, monuments and action shots look cool, it’s absolutely your decision how to want to play with it. Becoming part of graffiti in the neighbourhood, or climbing the staircase to nothing – you can change, alter or make an optical illusion out of a perfect layout..

images with cool background while solo travel

5. Burst Mode

Try experimenting with burst mode – this can either be to make sure you don’t lose a shot or for cinematic effect. You can also have a timer set for burst mode to give you some time for movement – say running down the staircase of a beautiful church. Wouldn’t it be cool to have one flip book from every country you visited?

burst image capture during travel

Get to trying these hacks and see how different your vacation photographs can be!.