7 movies on Netflix that will inspire you to travel

Films have become a key source of travel inspiration for many young people. Be it an action packed movie like The Fast and Furious series or a romantic one like P.S. I Love You, the locations and sequences push you to pack your bags and leave on an adventure.

Here are 7 awesome movies that you can watch on Netflix which will give you travel goals instantly!


1. Into the Wild

Unhesitant, rebellious and utterly outgoing; Into The Wild perfectly portrays the urge that each of us felt at some point in our lives to completely cut away from the material world and live as one with the nature.

Though it ends as a tragedy, Into The Wild will urge you to travel or at least take that weekend road-trip.

into the wild travel inspiration for solo travel

2. The Beach

Most people believed travelling was all about hotels and luxury getaways until Leonardo shuffled between hostels and noisy markets in Thailand. This movie captures the essence of budget travellers from the west and showcases the beauty of Thailand’s outer islands (Ko Phi Phi).

This movie will encourage you to started planning a Thailand itinerary very different to the ones your friends take up..

The beach movie. Thailand. Travel to beaches with groups and party

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

While most movies on this list are Hollywood productions,  none strike that chord with Indians as Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara does. Taking you through the scenic drives along the coastlines of Spain, the adventure experiences across different locations and the strong bonds of friendship that are made stronger by the journey, this movie is a numero uno for Indian travellers.

This will not only tickle the adventurer in you but also reinforce that experiences and memories are the best investments one can make in life.

Adventure with Group of Friends during travel. Zindegi na milegi dobara

4. Queen

Queen is one movie that has made it easier for all girls out there to get permission for their solo-trip. This film has showed the country that it is as safe for women to travel solo as it is for men and you can make some great friends on your journeys. Just make sure you know the English nomenclature for Indian spices/herbs to avoid late night calls back home. The key is also to hold onto your bag tight. Very very tight (just kidding).

While Rani travels to Paris and Amsterdam for her solo-honeymoon, you can try out South East Asia if you would like to go easy on your pocket in comparison.

Solo Girl Travel to Europe

5. Eat, Pray, Love

One of the most popular films in this genre, Eat. Pray. Love. is as much about you as it is about the places you visit. Taking you from the winding streets of Rome to the Spirituality of India and ending amidst the serenity of Bali, this move is for the soul. This film also teaches you to not give much heed to muffin tops, let go of the past and have an open heart to what may lay in store in the future.

You can go on a similar getaway of gastronomy, spirituality and love across various countries of your choice..

Solo travel Bali paddy fields, cycling ubud

6. The Bucket List

Age is but a number – accurately captured in The Bucket List. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson convince you to tick things off your bucket list only to be more satisfied with how you have lived.

While most of you would only add things to your bucket list once you have ticked them off, we would strongly recommend making a list in advance. There is so much to see and do in this world; you wouldn’t want to miss out on satisfying experiences..

The bucket list. Travel around the world, Skydiving, adventure.

7. Roman Holiday

Watching Audrey Hepburn finding her way through Rome and life will leave you spell-bound. This movie arouses a similar emotion as Eat, Pray, Love but has a different effect on you altogether. Roman Holiday is a landmark movie that stresses the importance of taking a break and going on a holiday, even if you are a princess.

It also teaches you about going back to your duty and responsibility after thoroughly enjoying the vacation. This is a must watch if you are on the cusp of quitting your job, going on a holiday and don’t know what to do after the break.

travel to europe, explore sights

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