5 must-have gadgets for all your travels

We all need a little bit of support to make our travels more hassle free and fun. If you are on a road-trip or a backpacking expedition, we are sure you would love to carry gadgets that can make your trip exciting! However, keep in mind that you are travelling light, so only carry gadgets that are not more than 1 KG. Here’s a quick list of must have gadgets that are bound to add value to your trip as opposed to their heavier counterparts.


1. Mobile Power Bank

This is a must have for all your trips. Get a 10,000+ mAh power bank and this should last you for 2-3 full charges of your phone. A golden rule to follow during your travels is – switch off your data when you aren’t using it. This ends up draining a lot of battery especially if you are in a weak network area.


2. Portable Speaker

We suggest nothing bigger than the size of your palm. The lighter it is, more points it gets. Check with your group if someone is carrying one already. If you are travelling solo, don’t think twice and just toss it into your backpack. You are in luck if your speaker also doubles up as a phone charger.


3. Phone-Camera Lens

If you invest in a good quality phone-camera lens, your pictures will become a rage on social media instantly! Yes, there is nothing quite like a DSLR, but if you aren’t a professional photographer, leave the weight behind. The best part about phone camera lenses is that your pictures are ready to share the moment you click them and there is whole range of lenses for economic prices in the market. Alternatively, if you are about to experience a whole host of action sports, you can also consider investing in a GoPro.


4. Tablet/Kindle

A tablet comes with various benefits – from being your midnight movie companion to becoming an efficient alternative for laptops (which you must NOT carry on your holiday), it plays the role of many devices in one. However, if you are a voracious reader and prefer reading books during long flights, carry a Kindle owing to its long battery life.


5. Universal Plug Adapter

This is a one-time investment as you can use one adapter in various destinations. Universal all-in-one adapter is suggested against a destination specific one since it would also help you charge devices during layovers in other countries/transit destinations. While some hotels may provide adapters for use during your stay, this is never a guarantee.


P.S. - We are pretty sure you won't forget your smartphone!